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Volleyball is a sport we perhaps best associate with the beaches of Brazil, however indoor volleyball is a popular sport in the UK and can be played year round. Volleyball is a team sport in which teams of 6 players try to score points by grounding the ball on the other teams’ court. There are leagues set up in Sheffield and teams will typically play matches on a weekend with a training session during the week. You can choose to play in teams depending on your ability including men’s, women’s and mixed teams.

Health benefits

One of the primary health benefits of playing volleyball is that it helps to burn calories. A non-competitive game can burn between 90-133 calories in just half an hour whereas a competitive match can burn between 120-178 calories. Other benefits include toning and shaping of the body, particularly the upper arms and lower legs, improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increased metabolic rate and healthy heart. As well as health and fitness benefits, playing volleyball also improves your hand/eye coordination, builds your agility, improves your speed and coordination and improves your balance.

Did you know?

  • The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan.
  • Volleyball is a great workout, as most volleyball players jump about 300 times a match!
  • 75 hours and 30 minutes is the time for the longest volleyball game ever recorded; the game took place in Kingston, North Carolina. That’s quite the workout!

You can find Volleyball facilities at any of these local facilities: