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Trampolining is an Olympic sport that requires gymnasts to perform acrobatics whilst bouncing on the trampoline. For most people however trampolining is a great way of keeping fit whilst having a lot of fun at the same time. Trampolining can be done by anyone young or old. It’s also good for beginners or people looking to do a bit more on the trampoline. You don’t have to be a gymnast to be good on the trampoline and simply bouncing can be great fun and also a good workout. If you want to get more involved and learn some of the acrobatic manoeuvres, there are clubs you can join where you can learn to do more on the trampoline.

Health benefits

There are so many health benefits of trampolining that it’s a wonder that more and more people are not bouncing back to health! A lot of people don’t like to go out for a run, either because they don’t like the monotony or the road can have a serious impact on the joints. The springs on the trampoline take away all that impact and as a results, it has been shown that trampolining can be more beneficial than going for a run and better on your joints. Other health benefits of trampolining include increasing your oxygen capacity, improve your sense of balance, strengthen your heart, firm and tone muscles and stimulate your metabolism.

Trampolining really is a great sport for health and fitness and lots of fun at the same time so give it a go.

Did you know?

  • George Nissen built the first ever trampoline in his garage in 1936. He came up with the idea after observing trapeze artists performing tricks when bouncing off of the safety net.
  • A 20 minute trampolining session can burn 100 calories
  • A trampoline “bed” is made of woven nylon bands and is held in place to the frame using 110-120 springs

You can find Trampolining facilities at any of these local facilities: