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Netball is one of the highest participation sports in the UK and is predominantly played by women, although mixed leagues are becoming more popular. Netball is a staple of the British PE system and therefore attracts a lot of people from a young age. It is an extremely social sport with teams across mixed ages and mixed abilities playing in leagues throughout Sheffield. It’s a great sport to play if you are new to an area of want to get out and meet more people. Most teams have a nice social scene around them with players often participating in a number of teams including the new mixed leagues that are popping up.

Netball is a fun but competitive sport and its popularity in the UK is definitely growing. England’s recent performance at the World Cup has boosted participation further.

Health benefits

Netball is an all action sport and there are many health benefits to playing the sport on a regular basis. Netball is great for burning calories. It is a high intensity workout and the stop start nature of the sport replicates that of an interval training session with lots of sprinting involved. Netball is also great for improving upper body strength and your core. You need to be physically strong to compete and challenge your opponents. Your legs are also a key component of playing netball so good leg strength is needed for jumping. Other benefits include improved hand/eye coordination, improved balance, improved flexibility and crucially improved cardiovascular health.

Did you know?

  • The netball goal posts are around 3.05m high and it is possible for some of the taller players to ‘slam dunk’ the ball into the net.
  • Netball was first played in England in 1895.
  • There are seven players in a team and they each have their own position. Only TWO players are allowed to try and score goals.

You can find Netball facilities at any of these local facilities: