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Hydrotherapy exercise programmes consist of a variety of treatments and exercises that are done in a swimming pool and are becoming an increasingly popular way of recovering from injuries but also for keeping fit if you are not as mobile. Hydrotherapy is very good for those people who suffer from neck and back issues but still want to exercise and keep fit. It is also a good alternative for those with diabetes or high blood pressure as aquatic exercise puts less strain on the body.

Classes such as aqua-aerobics have been set up off the back of hydrotherapy as a way of keeping fit and exercising.

Health benefits

As with land based exercise, hydrotherapy helps to work all the major muscle groups as well as improving your aerobic fitness whilst at the same time reducing the impact on your back and neck due to the buoyancy in the water. The viscosity of the water means there is very little friction, allowing you to work on strength and conditioning without the risk of losing your balance. The impact of the hydrostatic pressure is great for improving heart and lung condition and the pressure of the water can also help with blood flow.

Did you know?

  • An 11 stone person burns about 300 calories in a 60-minute average-level water aerobics class. 
  • Water has a cooling effect on the body, so you are less likely to become overheated doing hydrotherapy.
  • When exercising in water, your heart rate can register as much as 17 beats lower than it does on land.

You can find Hydrotherapy facilities at any of these local facilities: