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Cricket has been a staple of the English sporting calendar for years and indoor cricket nets are becoming increasingly more popular, especially during the winter months. Cricket is one of the most social sports out there with teams competing across a number of different disciplines from 5 day matches to 20/20 games that can take just a couple of hours. Local leagues exist throughout the UK and Sheffield has a thriving cricket scene both on a weekend and the evening league.

The use of indoor facilities has become increasingly more popular as amateur teams look to keep in shape and practice their batting and bowling during the off season.

Health benefits

Often thought of as a sedate sport, cricket has a surprising number of health benefits and those people playing at a high level now need to maintain a good level of fitness in order to compete. Running across the field and chasing down shots requires stamina and endurance as well as the ability to sprint. For fast bowlers, running in and bowling requires a lot of effort and strength as well as flexibility.

There are other benefits including balance, flexibility and coordination which benefit players of all ages. Cricket players will often play on until their later years as fielding positions can help to prolong careers.

Did you know?

  • Courtney Walsh has the most number of not outs in test cricket (65 from 185 innings)
  • Chris Gayle is the only batsman in cricket history to hit a six in first ball of test match in a game against Bangladesh in 2013
  • English wicket keeper batsman Alec Stewart was born 8.4.63. He went on to score 8463 test runs for England.

You can find Cricket facilities at any of these local facilities: