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There has been an explosion of climbing walls in sports centres throughout the UK as climbing enthusiasts look to satisfy their cravings for getting into high places. Climbing walls are seen as the perfect place for climbers to work on their technique and practice the skills required for taking to outdoor climbing spaces. It’s also a great and safe place for beginners to give climbing a go for the first time. Most climbing walls will have safety mats in place as well as instructors on hand to help advise and guide new climbers, helping with techniques and strategies for climbing effectively.

Climbing is a really great social sport and it is not uncommon to find groups of friends on a climbing wall, helping each other and encouraging friends to try new routes and push the boundaries. Once you have got your confidence on the indoor climbing walls, you can then take your new skills to some beautiful places in the UK and put them into place in an outdoor setting.

Health benefits

Climbing is great for combining cardio and strength into a single workout. During a single session of climbing, the body undergoes a number of different physical tests including raising the heart rate, building muscle and developing stamina. Climbers require good upper body strength as a given to help pull themselves up but leg and core strength is also important to help with balance. Climbing also helps to improve flexibility. Being able to adapt and move from hand hole to hand hole requires climbers to think on their feet and stretch arms and legs in directions they would not normally be pushed.

There are some mental health benefits too. Climbing successfully requires a climber to use their mental strength to help plan routes and overcome problems. Climbing helps to reduce stress by increasing levels of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that helps release stress.

Did you know?

  • Rock climbers are often employed to fix or maintain wind turbines, as it is usually cheaper and more efficient than using machinery to reach the turbine.
  • Rock climbers often coat their hands in chalk (magnesium carbonate), to absorb the moisture on their hands, which is said to improve their grip on the rock.
  • Rock climbing has its origins in mountaineering, and was and still is, a necessary skill for reaching some of the notable summits around the world.

You can find Climbing facilities at any of these local facilities: